TYPE : Commision
SIZE : 225sqm
CLIENT : Confidential
LOCATION : Bali, Indonesia
STATUS : Completed 2011

A house tucked away in the quiet village of Jimbaran Bali, designed with contemporary solving methods while incorporating a traditional layout and local materials to keep its Balinese character.

The enclosed design uses a massive fence-wall of Balinese stones. The layout focuses inwards, creating an internal courtyard with a flexible living room that can extend outdoors to create an efficient open space.

To make the most of natural lighting a tall window with the height of 3.6m is used. The mezzanine-like space bodes well for passive ventilation and natural lighting while creating a visual connection between the floors, enriching the living environment. Heat transfer is reduced by the use of a fan and heat absorbing materials located in the void. The large opening also helps bring the feeling of nature inwards, whether it be natural wind, a view of the garden and the surrounding Bali landscape, or the ambience of the pond.

The contouring site creates hierarchy between the living and service areas. Being located on a rocky cliff type area, the ground provided ideal conditions for the house’s foundations. Even with shallow structuring, its density provides a strong enough support to withstand the building’s mass.

The architectural details uses a fusion of local pallets and raw architectural materials, such as exposed concrete combined with Balinese tiles, bricks and natural stones. Native vegetation creates a characteristically Balinese landscape. The local materials gives a traditional aesthetic punch while the raw concrete form emphasizes the architectural expression of the house.

The contrasting materials highlight different areas of the house and meets in certain areas to create a dramatic relationship between traditional and contemporary.