PROJECT : Geo Melt Villa
TYPE : Commision
SIZE : 120sqm
CLIENT : Hariyanto Prayitno
LOCATION : Jakarta, Indonesia
STATUS : Completed

Try to find another design beside mostly villa design typologies.

Design methods of GeoMelt Villa is just a normal 3m x 3m module to adapt with the Landscape to follow the up and down the contours of the ground. Uniquely each space that created are spaces that flow results from the result contour and space function.

Family room fused with a large terrace which serves to accommodate additional activities such as bbq, playground, etc. The roof part of the playground who can be reached by children easily. Master bedroom with a circulation ramp access provide with the best view. Children's room at the lowest level, facilitate the penetration of the children playing toward the garden.

In the end, this villa is a summary of space flowing with a module that moves to follow its contours. Well-ordered geometry is engaged and melting with the natural contours.